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                客户案例 Casestudy ┃ 机器零部件及配件的高效仓储管理

                Hydravalve – 机器零部件及配件的高效仓储管理

                Hydravalve – e?cient storage management ofmachinery parts and accessories

                Hydravalve为工业客户提供与管道和阀门相关的零部件及配件。由于其产品种类日益繁多,其库存已超过㊣ 200万件,有必要采取措施对仓库进行根本↙性调整。为了提升仓储容量和优化检索时间,公司选择了卡迪斯解决方案并╲将SAGE软件集成至仓储系统

                Hydravalve supplies industrial customerswith parts and accessories for all things to do with pipes and valves. Due toits growing range of products, its inventory has risen to more than two millionarticles, making fundamental restructuring measures necessary in the warehouse.The company opted for a solution from Kardex Remstar and the integration of itsSAGE software into the storage system in order to increase capacity andoptimize retrieval times.







                Advantages at a glance

                ?45 percent increase instorage capacity

                ? Space required cut by 80 percent

                ? Batch picking times have improved by 200 percent

                ? Picking accuracy increased to 99 percent

                ? Betterworking conditions for the employees in the area of ergonomics and efficiency

                客户信息 Customer

                Hydravalve在本行业ω及能源领域内为公司提供设备已经具有27年的经验。公司总∞部位于英国的威伦霍尔镇,该地ω 仓库具有超过1000平方米的存储空间,机器及零配件正是从这里起运。其专注于全面的客户服务和快◆速的订单交付。

                Hydravalve has been equipping companies inthe industry and the energy sector for more than 27 years. The company is basedin the British town of Willenhall, where the warehouse with more than 1,000 squaremeters of storage space is also located. Machinery and spare parts are shippedfrom here. The focus is on comprehensive customer service and fast delivery oforders.

                客户诉求 Task definition

                由于产品范围的扩大,Hydravalve的库存已增长至200万件以上。在这种情况下,迫切需要增加仓储能力,以便优化仓库效能和提升订单处理速度。所以,公司找到了一种具」有高分度速度和高准确度的高效解决方案。此外,该系∑ 统必须使用Hydravalve使用的SAGE 软件兼容。

                The inventory at Hydravalve grew to morethan two million items as a result of additions to the product range. There wasan urgent need to increase capacity to be able to optimize warehouse efficiencyand process orders even more quickly. That is why the company sought anefficient solution with high picking speed and precision. Furthermore, thesystem had to be compatible with the SAGE software used at Hydravalve.

                解决方案 Solution

                通过采用五台Shuttle产品系列中█的卡迪斯Shuttle XP高密度仓储设备,仓储容量增加了45%,占地面积减少了80%,这使得系统可以精确地将系统集成至建筑物①中,同时显著减少了检索时间:以前,订单通过手动进行处理;如今,通过卡迪斯XP 500自动仓储设备和Sage ERP软件之间的有效互动,实现了一个完美的密切交织的检索过程。SAGE软件会为货品指定明确的ID号,卡迪斯Shuttle XP 500会通过此ID号对货品进行识别,之后立即开始检索过程。这种方法减少了一半的批量分拣时间,同时将分拣准确度提高到了99%以上。Hydravalve的总经理Eddie Newham在谈到此解决方案时说※:我们在不断寻求效率的提升。伴随着下一个产品目录中新产品的增加,我们将尽可能以▼***的价格向客户提供更为丰富的质量***的产品。

                Capacity has been increased by 45 percentby using ?ve Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP high-density storage units from theShuttle product family, while also cutting the size of the footprint requiredby 80 percent. This was made possible by precisely integrating the system intothe building’s dimensions. It has also been possible to signi?cantly cut theretrieval times: While orders were previously worked through manually, theeffective interaction between the automated Kardex Remstar XP 500 storage unitsand the SAGE ERP software has now created a perfectly intertwined retrievalprocess. The SAGE software assigns clear ID numbers to items, which the KardexRemstar XP 500 then uses to automatically identify them and immediately beginthe retrieval process. This method has halved batch picking times, whileincreasing picking accuracy to over 99 percent. Eddie Newham, managing directorof Hydravalve, talks about the solution: “We are continually seeking to improvee?ciencies and with the addition of new products for our next catalogue we willbe offering our customers a wider range of products of the highest quality atthe lowest price possible.”


                –2 Shuttle XPHSD500 (x X : 3050 x 864 x 4450 毫米)

                –2 Shuttle XPHSD500 (x X : 3050 x 864 x 5050 毫米)

                –1 Shuttle XPHSD500 (x X : 3050 x 864 x 5250 毫米)

                –PPG主机界面整合进SageLine 200 软件解决方案


                Scopeof delivery

                –2 Shuttle XP HSD500 units (W xD X H: 3,050 x 864 x 4,450 mm)

                –2 Shuttle XP HSD500 units (W xD X H: 3,050 x 864 x 5,050 mm)

                –1 Shuttle XP HSD500 unit (W x DX H: 3,050 x 864 x 5,250 mm)

                –Integration of the PPG hostinterface into the Sage Line 200 software solution 




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